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Brand History

Brand History

Eagle Brand Medicated Oil is easily identified by the uniquely “green” colour of its medicated oil and is widely referred to in the markets as the “Green Oil”. The natural “green” in the oil originated from chlorophyll pioneered by its creator, the late Wilhelm Hauffmann. Further enhancing its identity is attributed to its uniquely shaped Parisian triangular ascending glass bottle that is intricate in design and finely crafted which is second to none.

Eagle Brand Medicated Oil is renowned for its characteristics fragrance, healing and soothing properties. Positioned as premium-grade medicated oil, Eagle Brand Medicated Oil has successfully built upon its branding and achieved consumer brand loyalty in countries around the world, thus, enjoying market leader status in many countries.

The product was first introduced to Vietnam in the 1960s, and has since gained an overwhelming popularity and acceptance amongst the Vietnamese. In the local Vietnamese community and household, the “Green Oil” is widely accepted as a common cure-all household remedy and a “must have” item.

Further in Vietnam, the “Green Oil” has attained a status whereby it is widely given and sought as premium gift item during festive and joyous occasions due to its unique fragrance appeal and cure-all remediable use.

Earlier investment plan to start a manufacturing facility to produce the “Green Oil” in Vietnam in the 1970’s was aborted due to the outbreak of the Vietnam War in 1975. However, as a result of the war, the new established Vietnamese enclaves in North America, Continental Europe and Australia created new demand and markets in these new locations for Eagle Brand Medicated Oil.

Today, Eagle Brand Medicated Oil is endorsed for sales by notable governing health authorities such as the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and Australia Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).