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I Love the fragrance

My late husband was Vietnamese and introduced me to this oil in 1982, I think this product is nothing short of miraculous. I love the fragrance, but yes it is strong, so I only use is when I’m not going anywhere or are home sick. When my kids were young, this was one of my go to things. It’s great for anyone feeling achy. When anyone is sic, I always make a giant pot of homemade Vietnamese chicken soup (Pho Ga), take out the Motrin, vitamin C, break out this oil & viola! My children & I still love this oil as well & we refer to it as a green oil.


I like the product

I like the product! The oil is very good, and really works! I bought it for my family members, and it has worked great for everyone to help relieve all types of pain & aches. Will definitely buy again.


Highly Effective!

Once in a while, everyone gets back pain and this surely does the job. It does have a strong odor though so keep away from kids, of course.

Rohit K

Five Stars

Has a lighter smell easier to use for colds & etc.

Marcia P. Arnold

Good Product


Amazon Customer